About Cosport

Our Passion Is Helping Guests Experience the Magic of Live Sporting Events

Created and refined in the complex and challenging environment of the Olympic Games, CoSport has been creating the highest quality sports hospitality experiences for over 20 years. Whether designed for the discerning sport enthusiast or the global corporation with strategic business interests, its hospitality programs are designed to exceed the expectations of its e-commerce client base.  

CoSport has developed the technological knowhow and operational expertise to manage and deliver hospitality programs on a mass scale while maintaining the highest level of the event experience.  CoSport is the world’s leading provider of Olympic Games tickets and hospitality packages, having supported hundreds of thousands of fans at the past 10 consecutive Olympic and Olympic Winter Games.

By leveraging both the insights we have acquired as a longtime supporter of the Olympic Movement and the experience we have developed by hosting fans in every Host City since Sydney in 2000, we strive to satisfy the needs and interests of our guests by packaging event tickets with centrally located accommodations, exclusive hospitality and other essential services. Over the years, we have come to anticipate what fans expect and to recognize the benefits and challenges the Host City might present to international visitors during the Games and other global sporting events.